"But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint." Isaiah 40:31

Monday, March 3, 2014

February 24, 2014 Aeropuerto

Whats up guys!
This week has been packed with things to do so I will pick the most important ones that stood out this week.
Firstly, we have been teaching a family, rather the mom of the family, named Teresa. Shes about 50 or so and has four huge sons that look as if they're Tongan. Its inane that a little lady such as her could produce these huge men.... But anyway, we have been teaching her and her son Douglas. Hes a truck driver and has a truck driver mouth, but he is super fun to talk to. Reminds me a lot of Grandpa Reese =) But we've chatted with him a couple times and have had a lot of fun teaching him about repentance. They're supposedly catholic, but hasn't attended in forever and have never read the bible. They tell us they're scared to read it because they know they're not following it the right way... Really sad right? But we have some appointments with them this week so hopefully we will be able to straighten things out with them. Teresa is such a strong mother for her boys. Despite the fact that they all drink and smoke, she alone always tells them how much she loves them and cares for them right in front of us. She likes to teach with us about the things we have to say. Like she always offers her opinion on things and then tells the sons what to do to fix it. She would have been a great missionary! =) I love her and her family so much. Super fun to talk to, shoot the breeze with and just to be around. 
We are still working with our only baptismal date, Angela. Le gusta hablar muchisimo. She talks a bunch, but we have found a way to stop it =) Just cut her off when she talks hahaha.... Rude a little bit, but it works when she rambles. We have been stuck on the Plan of Salvation with her for the past little while because she has a lot of questions about why we are here. But we are slowing working with her date planned for the 22nd of March. Just after the transfers. 
Apart from the two, we don't really have SET investigators. We are teaching some part member families like hermano Favion. Hes ten and has a date but its not really firm yet. We don't want to set a date with a young boy whose parents are less active members. Its a tough situation. We also have Hermano Luis Angel and his novia, Girlfriend, Ferani. Hes a member and wasn't baptized too long ago but he is breaking the law of chastity with his girlfriend... they're living together outside of marriage... so we are working on breaking that up so that she can be baptized...(She is the one with the little girl with Down Syndrome) Its a tough task but we are doing our best. On top of these, I don't remember if I mentioned hermano Fernando when I was back in Barrio Carmen, but he lives in our area now! So... We met up with him and have a plan to teach him this Tuesday =) I am super excited to pick up right where we left off with him. Hes super sweet and he also told us that he may go pro with soccer.... That's insane for someone at his age. But we are planning on teaching him when he isn't going to school or working. =)
Apart from them, we are still working to find more people through the members because we cant knock doors anymore so its making it a little more tough. Our ward council is new and doesn't know much so we are trudging along with them as well. I didn't burn a  tie at six months... I like all the ties I have... Don't wanna burn one. Sorry. Your letters are great! I love hearing the events that you have been going through throughout the week. It really helps me to know that things are getting along just fine without me there to keep everyone in line =) HAHA JK. I haven't gotten your package yet because no one has come up from Villahermosa to bring the stuff so I am sure once someone comes, Ill get it =)
I know my family loves me beyond compare. I love them the same way, if not more than ever. You guys, each and everyone of you, all mean the world to me. I am doing my best to make you all proud, despite my weaknesses and struggles, my goal is to make you all proud of me and that's what I have been working for ever since I got here. You have seen my downfalls I am sure, but with the letters that you have sent, I am happy knowing that I have you all behind me. =) Thank you for always being there for me, both individually and together to help me through my struggles and problems. I cannot thank you enough for that. God Bless. THE CHURCH IS TRUE!
Kia Kaha!

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