"But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint." Isaiah 40:31

Friday, July 3, 2015

July 6, 2015 Villahermosa "My Last Letter"

Hey Everyone!
730 days ago I set out on a journey unsure of what could possibly happen in the future and completely vulnerable to say the least. Now, 730 days later as I write my final letter to you all all I can do is look back and ask myself "where did that time go." I believe I asked myself the same thing as soon as I graduated high school.... The time has flown by. The memories will always stay with me. Its been an uphill battle the entire way but the end result is within sight and I can only say thank you to all of you that helped me fight those battles. I realize now what it means to make every moment count and to live it while you have it because it only lasts a little while. To me, that is completely clear now.  
This week has been a week of trial and tribulation for me. We went on a grand total of 3 divisions this week, one with the zone leaders, one normal one, and the other happened yesterday with the assistants to the president. It was rather awkward not being able to be in one place and made the week a rather long one. 
On top of that news, we recieved an alarming phone call from my recent convert, Kimberly, last night. She was in tears and crying very hard from what it sounded like. (I wasnt present because of the divisions with the Assistants) She told us that her husband, Sergio, had violently left her and told her he wanted nothing to do with her anymore. After getting them both married and baptized only a month previous, I was alarmed to hear this news. We havent been able to see her quite yet, but I will let you know what happens there when I see you guys in a week. =) Its tough because he left her with no job and three young toddlers... I called her personally last night and she was crying harder than I have ever heard anyone cry. It broke my heart to listen to her explain to me how she was doing. But we did recieve word that she did obtain a form of work to help support her small family. Apart from that, the rest of the story remains a mystery and we shall find out what happens tonight when we pass by. 

As my last week as a full time missionary winds to a close I am trying my best to take advantage of all the opportunities that are being thrown at me. We are now in a trio with Elder Peterson, Me, and Elder Serrano from El Salvador. (this is because I am leaving and they dont want to special transfer Elder Peterson when I leave.) Hes a cool kid and has about a year in the mission as well. I get along with the both of them really well and I am happy with the fact that I am leaving everything in their hands.Theyre good guys and good friends. Its weird being in a trio again and knowing that I am ending in the exact way that I started... in a trio =) haha Kinda funny how that worked out. But I am stoked to be making all these plans to finally come home. Everyone is saying goodbye here and asking when Im leaving... I printed some pictures out today and wrote on them to give to these families that have had such an impact on me since I arrived here. Its been a great experience. =)
Now, as I sign off for the last time as a full time missionary for the church. my emotions are very bittersweet... sad to say that I will be leaving the people that I have spent so much time with and grown to love so very much. It wasnt so much the mission that made the experience great... but really seeing the love that people offered us was what made things worth it. These people gave me so much, and I feel Ive given them so very little... But I know that I have done my very best and that I have left it all on the field. Things I would have changed, of course, but its that way with everything. No one can serve a perfect mission. But I feel Ive given it my all and that I have nothing to regret.
Thank you to all who have supported me on this long 2 year journey. I cannot thank you enough for your prayers and love throughout this time. As the next chapter of my life begins I know I will be able to get off to a great start knowing the love that has been behind me pushing me to do my best will be there as long as I live. So thank you... thank you for supporting me in my hardships and for lifting me up during my downtimes... It does not go unnoticed I promise you. 
With A lot of love, 
Kia Kaha!

-Elder Proctor

June 29, 2015 Hidalgo

This may be the last recording that I send to you guys from Mexico =) We will see what happens this week, but if I dont get to send anything, I will let you know through a regular email =) Hope all is well and I cant wait to see you guys in two weeks! WOOT

July 22, 2015 Hidalgo

Elder Parduhn was transfered today in the morning... my new companion is Elder Peterson from Logan. Eleven months in the mission and he is going to be the one that sends me off in 21 days =) Hes a good kid, but its waaaayyyy too soon to tell. Hes the new District Leader also. Dont know how I feel about that, but I only have a few weeks left so I aint gunan complain about it. Love you guys!


This is the last one guys. Hope all is well there. I will write you all next week for sure and make sure you are all caught up there on the blog. Things have been really crazy this week if you cant hear from the recordings so I have had no time to do anything really. Only 21 more days until Im on that plane ride home =) CANT WAIT!
Love you guys 

June 15, 2015 Hidalgo

Love you guys, Hope you have an amazing week! 28 days left!

June 8, 2015 Hidalgo

Hey guys!
Wnated to get the whole blog thingy updated so that yall can read whats been happeneing down the home stretch here in Mexico. 
I am in an area called Hidalgo which is just 15 minutes outside Villahermosa. Its a nice place and I really enjoy being a part of a 200 attendance ward for once in my mission. Normally the attendance is around 50 to 100 people every sunday, so its nice getting the jump up. 
We have baptized two people here since I have been here. Ive only been here a short while, like three weeks or so, and we managed to baptize my very first week here =) The Proctors know how to get stuff done eh? haha Anyways, their names are Kimberly and Sergio. We had to get them married first and that was a rather tough process, but we managed to get it done and get them baptized the following day. It was a great program. 
My companion is Elder Parduhn. Hes from my generation and sat next to me on the plane ride here into Villahermosa. =) Kinda cool how that turned out. Hes a sweet kid and has turned out to be one of my better companions. He will be coming home right after I do on the 3rd of august whereas I will be home on the 13th. Itll be a great homecoming Im sure. 
As far as health wise, I had an ingrown toenail that had been festering for a solid 6 months that I didnt want to have taken out due to the problems with doctors and healthcare here, but I finally gave in and went to the doctors. After 4 numbing shots right where the nail was growing into my skin, and a few man tears, the nail finally came out and I am a happy kid =) It hurts still, but the swelling is going down and Ill be back to playing ball again when I get home haha. It was a painful process and I definitely lost a few man points in front of my companion, but I managed to come out victorious. Those things hurt like... Ill let you finish that one. =) haha 
Im pretty stoked to say that things are winding down for me knowing that Ive done my very best here. It was tough, very very tough, but I feel that I have done so to the best of my ability... thats what was asked of me. 
As far as everything else goes, thats about the gist of it all. We have had a few conferences here with President and his wife, but havent had anything breath takingly intense since I arrived here in Hidalgo. Ill try my best to keep you all updated on it though if something comes up =)
Anyways, love you guys and I hope you keep keepin on. Kia Kaha!
-Elder Proctor

June 1, 2015 Hidalgo

May 25, 2015 Hidalgo

Love you guys!

May 18, 2015 Hidalgo

Whats up?
Guys they transfered me again to another area just like I told you was going to happen... Dang it. NOt too happy about it either. But IM in a new area called Hidalgo with E. Parduhn from my generation. The are is just outside Villahermosa and its a nice ward. I am having a lot of trouble with the ciber that I am at because it wont let me send you my recordings, nor put yours onto my MP3 player. I cant wait until I can finally just use my own laptop or wahtever to sed things and not have to rely on others techonolgy to do things. THat will be nice. I am trying as I write this letter to fix things and get my MP3 to work to send you the recordings I made this week... Sorry guys if they dont get to you today. They will come within the week, that I am sure of. 
BUt apart from that, things are okay I guess. Im kinda ticked with the leadership here because they shut down the last area I was in with E. Romero. I was only there for 3 weeks so I was upset that they didnt even give me a chance there. I walk in, put a baptismal date and then they take me out a week later. TO me, that makes no sense. But whatever. Im with E. Parduhn now who is from my same generation and he is Senior Companion. We both are leaving on the 13th of July and are planning on baptizing this coming friday supposedly. (the recordings explain this) its a couple that they had been working with that we went to help get married this morning. (for that I am on here later than usual) Kimberly and Sergio are their names. Hoping that with all the work that we have put into this week alone getting them married will pay off with a baptism for them on friday at 5pm. WIsh us luck on that one.
The ward is good and know how to do things from what I have seen. Im just hoping they dont get lazy with us and make it our fault for the things that happen in the ward. (That seems to happen a lot here.) The ward mission leader served a mission somewhere in Utah, where exactly, I dont know. But theres a lot of people here that speak english and have lived there for a great number of years, so thats a plus for us. Its nice speaking english. 
ANyways guys, thats all I got for today, I am sorry about the recordings. I will try to get them to you later tonight or tomorrow. The cibers in our area are probably the worst that Ive seen in the mission so dont be surprized if the letters start coming in place of the recordings. #hatemexicantechnology 
Thanks guys for the recordings, even if I cant listen to them yet, I know I will get to them eventually. Its alright. Hope you guys have a good one. LOve you all!

PS this is the family that you all met on the skype call. This was right after we got the transfer call that they were shutting the area down on us. They send their regards. =)

May 11, 2015 Minatitlan

May 4, 2015 Minatitlan

April 27, 2015 Minatitlan

April 20, 2015 Minatitlan

Hey guys, SOrry there wont be that many this week. I was special transfered to Minatitlan with Elder ROmero. It was quite the trip over here so I will let you know more in the family letter I send you. I recieved the phone call from >Elder Haglund on tuesday and had to leave that next morning. Kinda upset about it, but I cant say anything. The area is fine I guess, but my comp is pretty cool. Hes 25 and has about a year in the mission. Not bad. I will let you know with more details. =)

Love you guys,
Kia Kaha
Elder PRoctor

April 20, 2015 Coatza

Hey guys,
This week was kinda a tough one for me. One of the harder ones that Ive had here on this misson. We had to travel up to Cuichapa so that my companion would be able to get to know the area for himself so we spent all of saturday and sunday up there. Apart from that we had a funny rundown with an old lady that didnt know how old she was and I told you a little bt more about that one in the recording. She broke her wrist a little while ago and her name is Dolores. Shes hilarous and reminds me a lot of grandpa reese hahaha. But shes great and has a great spririt about her. We hope to get her baptized soon. Its just a matter of making her or rather allowing her to understand that she needs God in her life. I hope that shell be able to get baptized soon... the only problem though is that she is basically deaf and cant hear us It makes it even harder with our accents that we have as americans. She almost cant understand what we say. We are hoping that things will turn out for the better though =) Wish us luck this week. 
Kinda stressful week though so I didnt really have that much to say. We had a alot of things going on that needed to happen. Sorry if its so little and my messages are cut short, I just didnt really have that much time to make recordings this week. Ill make more this week. =)
Love you guys,
Kia Kaha!