"But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint." Isaiah 40:31

Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014 - Aeropuerto

The Gang (Elders Smith, Proctor, Ricks, Castillo)
Alright Everybody, Its that time of the week again. 
To start off the week, we had a long zone conference with President and his family. He came on Tuesday morning and stayed until about 4... It was super long. Very spiritual, but long. He had us invite a member or an investigator so that he could record us teaching them a lesson that we could choose. I was super happy to say that Hermana Maria Jose came and we were able to teach her the first half of lesson 1. She is such a strong member... She told us about a week ago that she even wanted to leave on a mission. That's pretty insane only being a member for a week. She texts us regularly to ask how we are doing and things like that. Haha... shes un miembro de oro.... (golden member) President finished the tapings of all of us and sent us on our way with a bunch of new study tables and some letters and stuff. (I still haven't gotten anything from you guys...but I will be expecting some stuff.) We got stuck carrying four huge study tables back to our house, and Elder Ricks and I were the ones that were selected to carry them back along with two chairs, (made of metal), all the way back to the house. About a mile away. So there we are walking along the freeway with these huge tables and chairs stopping about every minute to wipe sweat and rest a bit. About five minutes in, I said a little prayer, simply asking if someone could come and help us out. We were tired, hurting and it was almost 105 degrees outside... We felt like we were going to die. About five seconds later a Stake High-Council member pulls up on the side of the road and yells, get in! I cannot believe how fast that prayer was answered. It was insane how quickly it all happened. But it was a huge testimony builder of the power of prayer. It was super cool. He took us back to the house and everything went well from there.

Hermana Sofia and Enrique came to church for the first time yesterday and they both seemed to really like it. They're progressing really quickly and we hope to have them baptized this transfer. (Yes we are all staying in Aeropuerto this transfer, at least until Elder Castillo leaves for his house in a week. Another Elder named Elder Roberts is coming to be in a trio with Elder Castillo and Elder Ricks until Castillo leaves next Monday.) Hermana Maria Jose is golden and we love teaching her or just stopping by to say hola. Hermana Johana didn't come to church and are beginning to question if she just wants two american boys teaching her every night or if she really wants the gospel. We plan to figure that out this week. Hopefully she changes because she seems to have a bunch of potential with her situation and ability to adjust to the problems in this life. They're the main focuses right now. =)

I am happy to hear that ya'll are staying busy and working hard. Interesting things happening huh? The courthouse thing, Keats new "lobster", Sadie's cool experience with the teacher, and then mom and dad.... =) Both getting older huh? Yeah I feel like I've lost about 5 years off my life also.. don't worry I'm right with you on that feeling. =)
Love you guys. Have a  great week and remember, KIA KAHA!

The picture is of Maria Jose (left) Me in middle and Hermana Diana, (daughter of the bishop who was the one crying with Maria Jose at her baptism.) 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 22, 2014 Aeropuerto

Alright, Well I don't have a whole bunch to say today. Nothing amazingly special happened outside of the baptism for Maria Jose on Saturday night. I was super happy to finally see her be baptized and to see her, after all of the teaching that we have offered her, make the correct steps to follow in the example of our Savior Jesus Christ. Elder Smith baptized her and the entire program went well. Stressed out as could be trying to plan it, I was happy with the outcome. Her entire family showed up, minus her father who is in the Mexican Navy. After the baptism, her best friend, that is a member, Hermana Diana, went up to hug her. Almost immediately, Maria Jose started to cry. So hard. Eventually they both were crying. It was such a touching moment for me to see that the work that we all had put in, Elder Smith and I, Maria Jose and the ward. It was pretty great. By far, one of the best baptisms that I have had. One of the most powerful. 

As far as the 13 year old goes, she is doing really well. Turning out to be one of my best investigators actually. She has accepted a date to be baptized on the 31 of May and is fulfilling all of her compromises that we leave her each week. We have taught her everyday this week since we met her last Sunday and we haven't missed a day. Shes super cool and has such a great attitude even though she has to deal with her past. We found out that she was raped seven months ago by a 40 year old man. Where and how? We have no idea... nor is it important, but the attitude that she has, the smile that she has knowing that that happened to her, is absolutely incredible. We are planning on teaching her as often as we can. She is SO innocent and SO happy all the time. I love it. 

That's it for this week. Nothing overly special other than these two investigators, but we are working hard, obeying and trying our best. The best that we know how to. I am okay. Don't need anything. Hope all is well. See you all next week. 

Maria Jose and her entire family with Elders Smith and Protor.

Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014 - Aeropuerto

Some members in the Aeropuerto Branch
Well another week has passed and its starting to feel that I am becoming more and more used to this lifestyle. Its the same routine everyday so its not that difficult to adjust to. I dont have any huge stories to pass along this week. Nothing overly special ever happens here. But ill share the things that have happened really briefly.
First off, Hermana Maria Jose will be baptized this week. Finally. It took some time to get her fire going, but she is finally coming to church on her own now and doesnt have to rely on the members to come and pick her up to take her. That alone is enogh for me to see that she wants to be baptized. Her family... well we are still working with them. She on the other hand is perfect and will be baptized this saturday along with two others from the Puerto Real and Aeropuerto 2 wards. Its gunna be a big day for all of the missionaries involved in this baptism. Wish us luck. 
Elder P and Elder Castillo listening to conference.
The second is of a young girl, 13 years old, that we met last night. Her mom came up to us on the street on sunday morning and told us to come visit her young daughter. So we went last night to teach her. Found out her name is Johanna, she is only 13 years old..... and pregnant. We dont know exactly what happened exactly but she apparently is 7 months into her pregnancy... so she was probably 12 when it happened. Heres the down side... the guy was 40 years old. (From what her mom told us). We have another meeting with her tonight and we are hoping to figure out exactly what happened. We shall see. Wish us luck on that one too. She is very accepting of the Gospel in her life, even though she is only 13. She has a strong spirit and is very determined to flip her life around. I dont believe that it was her fault. But we will find out tonight. 
Thats about it this week.

Love you all, hope you have a great week. 
Kia Kaha
Elder P, Elder Smith and Elder Castillo - Cheers!

Elder P looking over the Gulf

Sunday, April 6, 2014

March 31, 2014 Aeropuerto

Hey guys.
Not much happened this week and I don't have that much to talk about. 
The other shoe
The story that I wish to share with you all today is something that I really thought to be a complete miracle. We went out on Saturday night to look for a reference that another area had given us. We spent about an hour just looking for this house. We sat down on a  curb on the side of the road in front of a library that looked really run-down and had been out of service for many years. I noticed it, stood up, and walked over to it. Elder Smith asked what I was doing. I simply replied, No idea. We walked in slowly. At first there was no one there. Then a short man walked up to us from behind and asked us what he could do to help us. We began to talk to him about why we were there and found out a little bit about him and the library. His name was Manuel. He was a librarian that worked there. We continued to talk to him and share the first message with him. He had a lot of questions about it all and why there were so many churches. Great decision to get off the curb huh? We didn't talk a whole lot, but were able to explain when the services for church were and where it was and a little bit of what we do there. Eventually he left to attend to something else and another lady came and started asking us about the book of Mormon. She seemed like just another person that comes up to us all the time that's drunk and can never remember anything that we say so we didn't really take much interest in her at all. We spent a little time talking with her, and then we left. We left both of them the pamphlets of the Restoration with our number and a other little bits of information. (where the church was etc.) We didn't think much about it. The crazy part was that the lady, named Betty, actually showed up to church the next day! How crazy is that? The one person, out of the millions of people that we talked to that day, actually came to church and sat by us. She showed up late, but was still there and fully attentive to what was being taught. Crazy how that worked out. Still cant believe it. Manuel didn't come, but that's because he had to work at the time the services were. Oh well, there is always next time. So that is my story for the week. Nothing huge, but I thought it was pretty cool. =)
The apartment is nice. Two air conditioners and its pretty big. Its a lot better than the other house. I am very thankful that we got kicked out of the other one when we did. Yes we live four people. 
Yes we work with the sisters. We teach the Wednesday English class with them every week. I am the teacher teacher, but they are like my "assistants." Its pretty fun. 
Alright, well that's all for this week. I will try to send some pictures if the computers work out here. Thanks, love you guys, have a great week alright?!
Kia Kaha!
-Elder Proctor