"But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint." Isaiah 40:31

Friday, March 21, 2014

March 10, 2014 - Aeropuerto

Whats Up Everybody!
Well this week wasn't overly special. We didn't have that much to do so we spent a lot of time just teaching some of the members and the recent converts that were here before we got here. 
Okay, so we got two text messages this week that really hurt a lot. One was from Wendy, the lady that we felt inspired to go meet with last week. She told us that she didn't have any desire to continue with the lessons... crap. So we are questioning what happened and why she doesn't want to continue. We are going to check up with her tonight to see what happened so wish us luck on that one. The other message was from a girl named Johsuemi. She was a contact on the street that I found while on divisions. She seemed really interested when we taught her the first lesson, but then she sent us a text and said that she didn't want to continue... crap times two. It sucks hearing things like that. So we are gonna pass by and figure out what happened with her. Wish us luck on that also. 
We were walking down the street and ran into a man named Raul. My companion was talking with another person but he came up to me and asked me what I was doing here just walking. I answered him and then began to talk to him about what we did as missionaries. He was super interested and I gave him a pamphlet about the restoration. He told me that he couldn't read... So I asked him about himself, if he believed in God and Jesus Christ and if he had a family. He answered Yes to all of them. I then asked him how old he was.... He said, "no lo se." Imagine that. He has a family (only a mom) cant read, and doesn't even know how old he is.... so sad. I felt so bad for this guy. I made an appointment to meet with him this week so we will have to see what happens with him. He seems like he could use the gospel in his life, so that's what I am going to give him =) 
The sad part is that I didnt take many pictures this week so I dont have that much to send. I am trying to take more pictures so thats what I want the cards that hold bigger amounts of memory. I will try to take more this week =) Forgive me on that. I know you all wanna see what I do everyday. But think, I get to skype you all again in about a month and a half =) Oorah!
Have a great week everybody =) I love you all and I am glad to have you guys behind me. Prom, school, basketball, work, traveling to Vegas, running the dogs, talking to friends.... man I really miss all that stuff. Wish I could come and enjoy those things with you guys. I am glad, however, that you all are doing well and staying busy. I feel like I am missing a lot, but I know that its for a great cause... Thank you all for supporting me in this =) I miss you and cant wait to talk with you in May! Kia Kaha!
Picture- We met a guy that made Pinatas from scratch. He made minions from Despicable Me, and this one was a dog that he was working on. I thought it was cool so I snapped a pic of it =)

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