"But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint." Isaiah 40:31

Friday, July 3, 2015

June 8, 2015 Hidalgo

Hey guys!
Wnated to get the whole blog thingy updated so that yall can read whats been happeneing down the home stretch here in Mexico. 
I am in an area called Hidalgo which is just 15 minutes outside Villahermosa. Its a nice place and I really enjoy being a part of a 200 attendance ward for once in my mission. Normally the attendance is around 50 to 100 people every sunday, so its nice getting the jump up. 
We have baptized two people here since I have been here. Ive only been here a short while, like three weeks or so, and we managed to baptize my very first week here =) The Proctors know how to get stuff done eh? haha Anyways, their names are Kimberly and Sergio. We had to get them married first and that was a rather tough process, but we managed to get it done and get them baptized the following day. It was a great program. 
My companion is Elder Parduhn. Hes from my generation and sat next to me on the plane ride here into Villahermosa. =) Kinda cool how that turned out. Hes a sweet kid and has turned out to be one of my better companions. He will be coming home right after I do on the 3rd of august whereas I will be home on the 13th. Itll be a great homecoming Im sure. 
As far as health wise, I had an ingrown toenail that had been festering for a solid 6 months that I didnt want to have taken out due to the problems with doctors and healthcare here, but I finally gave in and went to the doctors. After 4 numbing shots right where the nail was growing into my skin, and a few man tears, the nail finally came out and I am a happy kid =) It hurts still, but the swelling is going down and Ill be back to playing ball again when I get home haha. It was a painful process and I definitely lost a few man points in front of my companion, but I managed to come out victorious. Those things hurt like... Ill let you finish that one. =) haha 
Im pretty stoked to say that things are winding down for me knowing that Ive done my very best here. It was tough, very very tough, but I feel that I have done so to the best of my ability... thats what was asked of me. 
As far as everything else goes, thats about the gist of it all. We have had a few conferences here with President and his wife, but havent had anything breath takingly intense since I arrived here in Hidalgo. Ill try my best to keep you all updated on it though if something comes up =)
Anyways, love you guys and I hope you keep keepin on. Kia Kaha!
-Elder Proctor

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