"But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint." Isaiah 40:31

Saturday, July 19, 2014

July 21, 2014 Aeropuerto HUMP DAY

Nice member made dessert to mark Elder P. halfway mark.
I have had a rather different week this week. Nothin overly special has happened and we are all layin low as this transfer, possibly my last in Carmen, is coming to an end quickly. We are basically saying goodbye to everyone and telling them how much we have loved being with them and teaching them. This area has been by far my favorite so far on the mission and I have loved being here. I will deeply miss this area if I do end up getting transferred. 
So far, we have been working with a new family that we contacted on the street named Famila Diaz Cruz. Theyre really nice people and a strong family of 5, but the only issue is, with the church services at 8 in the morning, its hard to get investigators out of bed. Its a constant struggle for us to pass by peoples houses and them have them not come to the door because theyre sleeping still... so, with this family, we reminded them and reminded them this week that the services are at 8 and that they needed to come in order to conitnue with the baptismal date we set with them. Theyre really flakey with things, and it makes it really difficult, but finally, we passed by their house on sunday morning. The husband, mario, comes out and says, Sorry guys, Im sick, but my wife and daughters are going to go. Theyre just getting ready right now. I was hurt that he wasnt able to come, but we had the mom and the three daughters come! Oorah! It was crazy! So, we had a grand total of 6 investigators in the church this week! The most that Ive ever had! Its really nice to see the fruits of our labors pay off. We worked SO HARD this last week walking around talking to everyone and it was great to see that it paid off. We hope to continue with this family and see where their faith takes them =) We may not be here, but we are praying that they continue to follow in the footsteps of the Savior.
Elder Castillo came back as hermano Byron.... we went with him to Bostons to celebrate my one year mark and it was a lot of fun. Super weird to see him without a tag on and in normal clothes out in public, but it was great to spend some time with him again. He is a great guy. A little crazy for doing what hes doing, but overall a good guy. 
We almost got in a fist fight the other day! It was crazy! We were walkin along, minding our own business and then some drunk guys started swingin punches and yellin at us! It was Nuts!....... Nah just jokin, but we did see a fight. Two drunk guys were going at it and they ended up setting off some car alarms with the things they did.... one guy had a giant brick in his hand and the other with a giant glass of vodka... HAHA it was hilarious because they didnt know what they were saying, nor doing to each other.... hahaha . Definitely picked our mood up. Its not like we stood there and watched it, we kept walking along, but kept turning to back to see what happened. 

E.Castillo came back to visit some of his favorite people.
Well, thats it this week, nothin overly special, but with transfers coming up, I may be writing you from a different location this next week. We shall see what happens right? I would assume that were going to be transfered but who knows.... we will see. President came for Zone Conf and did'nt say anything about transfers so.... its all a mystery.
Have a great week everyone! I love you!
Kia Kaha!
-Elder Proctor

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