"But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint." Isaiah 40:31

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January 27, 2014 - Carmen

Hey Guys! Howre we doing back in the states? I hope all is well for you guys!
This week has been pretty dull because Elder Gray was only here about two or three days total. He and Elder Larsen had to travel back to Villa to sign for their visas otra ves and so I went with Elder Sepulveda to his area for two or three days. We went on divisions with the Zone Leaders so Elder Urbina came with me to our area and Elder Gray went back with Elder Brewer on Thursday. We had a good time. I had the chance to be the senior comp for the day and it was more difficult than I thought having to teach about 90% of each lesson. I definitely learned a lot that day about how the senior comps work. I had a good time though! After that, on saturday, we had the baptismal interviews for Hermana Joanna Elizabeth and Hermana Alejandra Delgado. The Zone Leaders had to come down to visit us again for the second time that week just to give the interviews but the good news is that both of them passed and we hare having two baptisms this coming saturday! Oorah! I am super stoked to see it happen. Super excited to see them be baptized!
I had a really cool experience with a new investigator that we got on friday night though. We recieved a reference a while ago from some other elders about a guy who lived in Wyoming for a long time and was a bull rider while he was there. His name is Henry. He is still mexican, but he lived in the states his whole life. So, we went to go and contact him on friday night at about 8. We met him outside the hotel he lives at. He speaks great english and was very open to talking with us. He told us that he works only three hours each day and then comes home and drinks the rest of the night. How sad is that. No family because they left him because of the drinking problem. He started to tear up in certain parts but he was super sincere with us. We told him about our job as missionaries, in english, and why we are here in mexico. He gladly accepted our invitation to come to church and so we went to go pick him up on sunday and he was there ready to go to church. I was his tour guide through the entire thing, telling him about the enitre sacrament meeting and the classes that we have afterwards. He has such a strong desire to change his life and wants to be a better person. He is super cool and I cant wait to teach him again. We meet with him tomorrow night and that will be our first official lesson with him. Wish me luck teaching him in English!
Apart from that, those are the major events of this week! Nothing overly special, but it wasnt a bad week.  I am really excited for these two baptisms that we hare having on saturday. We plan to have a bunch of people there and lots of stuff to do. Its gunna be good.
Alright, well imma wrap up this letter for the week. Wishin you all an amazing week! Stay strong and push forward in everything! You guys are the greatest and i am super happy to know that you all are behind my back helping and supporting me through this! You guys mean the world to me! Dont ever forget it! Good luck in your adventures this week! I will be thinking and praying for you all!
Kia Kaha,
Elder Proctor

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