"But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint." Isaiah 40:31

Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28 - Villahermosa & Mexican Pizza

Hola Everyone!
I hope things are all going well for you! Seems like everyone is staying busy and doing lots of fun stuff! Keep it up! 

Pizza fiesta
This weeks letter is going to be a tad short because we didn't really have anything special happen. Last Monday, after we were done with writing, I went to go get my haircut right next door. We ended up teaching the lady that cut my hair and she is a really good investigator! Her name is Cinderella but she goes by Cindy. She is from Monterey and is super tall for a girl, but she is a mom and has two kids. She gives a dang good haircut also. We have only taught her twice but she has a lot of potential. The other awesome experience that I had last week happened on Friday night at around seven. We met a lady awhile back that worked at a lavanderia that we would wash clothes at. She seemed to be really good and had a lot of potential at first. Her name is Laticia. We taught her the first two lessons and she seemed to be progressing, so we planned to have a member-meeting with her at one of the members houses that lived nearby. We planned it for Friday at 7pm. We showed up early at this member's house to give her the run-down on what was going to happen because she has a son on a mission in Columbia also. She wanted to be prepared. We waited there at her house until about 730 waiting for Hna. Laticia, but she never showed up. Right as we were about to leave, the member, Hna. Lopez, her husband walked through the front door. He took off his jacket and started talking with us. He knew who we were and we later found out that he wasn't a member but had been wanting to learn more about the church that his son was serving. We ended up teaching him the entire first lesson about the restoration. It was incredible. He was intrigued the entire time. (ps, his name was Julio) I have never had a lesson, apart from the one with Hna Monica, be so strong and powerful. We left him with a book of Mormon and he said that he would read as much as he could. I was super excited! Because it was raining, he took us home and bought us a huge pizza and some soda also. We didn't get home til about 10 but it was well worth it!

The other exciting news that I have is that I wont be in a trio anymore! Elder Pugmire is being special transferred to be companions with the Sec. de Financias en las oficinas. Crazy! I loved Elder Pug. He was so funny. But I will still see him everyday because we are so close to the offices. 

To answer the questions I have recieved:
1 I havent used it yet becuase I have had no need for it here. I hear music everywhere I go and Elder Gray has one also that we listen too. 
2 The area we are in is nice and I really like the people, its just the heat thats tough to deal with sometimes.
3 I havent gotten a halloween package, but I am sure that I will be getting it pretty soon here. It takes about a week and a half I have figured.
4- My testimony has grown leaps and bounds having been out here only 3 and a half months. I cannot believe the amount of miracles I have seen happen here already and I cannot wait to see more. I have personally seen the Lord's hand in this work and I am super happy to be here!
5- Missionary work is the hardest work thats out there. It is physically demanding, stressful, and somtimes very agonizing. Its something that I personally, have never experienced before in my life. I cannot really describe it. The one thing that I can describe however, is the outcome and happiness that it brings to me personally. I have seen people change their lives around just to follow in the footsteps on the Lord and I cannot even begin to tell you the happiness and joy that comes from seeing that happen right before your eyes. I love it! Kia Kaha!

Rainy day - what else is new?
Well, Thats about all I have this week. I hope my statements will help out some... If you need anything else, then let me know. I am sending letters home to the family soon so I hope you all get those. We may get the chance to go to Palenque again soon so I will try to snag some bracelets and send them home with the letters. I hope that will work out! Anyways, I hope all is well and everyone is stayin busy up there in Utah! Seems like the weather is getting colder.... bundle up! I would love to trade you weather for one day! HAHA Right now, There is nothing that I really need other than some new pictures of you guys. I want to put some new ones up to look at everyday. The ones I have are super outdated. If possible, send me my sports jerseys that I had like my Baltimore one. I want that one. I am in no need of anything else at the moment... Just literally send anything you want. Send ZOBO and RIder!!! That would be amazing! Seriously though, I dont really have anything specific that I need right now. Just send whatever. 
I miss you all terribly! I want to see you all again and I cannot wait to talk to you all on Christmas day. I will get to Skype you all so be sure to send me a Skype name or whatever so that I can call you guys on CHristmas! I miss you all so much and I want each and every one of you to know, not just my family, but friends, extended family, grandmas and grandpas... That I would not be here right now if it werent for you. I cannot say it enough that I love you. You guys are my inspiration and I could not be happier to have such a strong family back at home. You guys mean the world to me. Smile and keep your heads up!
          Kia Kaha,

-Elder Proctor

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