"But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint." Isaiah 40:31

Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014 Aeropuerto

Loved Ones,
Hey guys! This week only had one very special event that I have to comment on. WE FINALLY HAD ANOTHER BAPTISM!!! Oorah! And guess who did the ordinance? Yours truly =) Agustin Antonio Alejandro Zetina was baptized on Saturday night at seven o clock and then confirmed on Sunday morning. It was cool to see his entire family there to help and support him in this decision that he had made to follow the savior. He was super nervous and he told me a million times that he was scared, but when he got out he told me that he felt really calm and peaceful afterwards. It was such a testimony builder for me to see how strong the spirit works in the little ones. I will send a picture of the event.
Apart from that, we dropped hermana Sofia. She just wasn't progressing anymore and didn't seem to have the fire that she had with everything when we first started. It was tough, but it had to be done. We just told her that she needed to make the choice and not sit in the middle of the fence anymore. (tinkle or get off the pot right dad?) She agreed with us, and even told Hermana Maria Jose that she was a good example to her. Maybe now just wasn't her time and the Lord has something else planned for her in the future. We shall see.
Transfers are coming up this week and president is coming for interviews because we have stake conference this week also on Saturday and Sunday. I will most likely get all that you have sent me then. 
Found this tree on the beach.
 I have a story that I like to share about authority. For example, I wanted to be a doctor and I didnt have any money to attend the school or university to obtain my doctors certificate. But my friend comes up to me one day and tells me that he is offering the same classes as the university with the same books and the same papers. He also tells me that its all completely free and that I dont have to pay anything. Its easy and free so why not right? The same everything, so that means that when I graduate from his "school" I will be able to be a doctor...True or false? that certificate that I recieve after I "graduate" from his "school" is valid?..... think about it.... the answer is no. Its not because the teacher, my friend, doesnt have the "authority" to give me the certiciate to be a doctor. I like to tie that in with the great apostasy and that jesus christ gave his deciples the authority to do baptisms and heal people. If the person doesnt have the authority to baptize... pues, no sirve. (it doesnt work) Its a really good example for the people that are already baptized in other churches and I use it a lot. hahaha....
- It is not easy... I have to say that. Its so hot and miserable sometimes, but I am proud to be able to say that I am almost halfway done. To me that's incredible. I am proud that I stuck it out and have made it this far. Now, I just have to keep moving forward.
Well, sounds like everyone is doing great as the year has finally winded down. I am super excited for all of you in the activities that you have planned for the summer. Dad, that Airplane ride sounded legit... I wish I coulda been there for it. It reminds me of our trip to DC just you and I for my Bday that year. That was such an awesome trip. Sounds like it was a forsure bucketlist item right? Ha... Man I wish I was there. Sades! Sista! whaddup girl! You are awesome you know that! Stick it out strong and make as many friends as you can. Be nice to everyone no matter your mood alright? Itll only benefit you in High School I promise. No boys though.... promise? No boys. Mom how I love your letters... haha honestly I always read them, well all of the family letters, at least twice. You guys always have the right words to close the letters off with. They always give me that pride and joy that I need each week. Its awesome =) Stay strong with your and mamma! I need a two handed mamma... not a one handed mamma.
Stay strong guys, and remember, Kia Kaha. 
Yours truly,
King of the World!
Looking over Carmen in the morning.

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