"But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint." Isaiah 40:31

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 16, 2014 Aeropuerto

Whats up Ya'll?
I was happy to hear that dad had a great Fathers day this Sunday! I completely forgot it was fathers day this last Sunday... my bad. But apparently it is a pretty big deal here. HAPPY FATHERS DAY POPS!
Yea, the shrimp are jumbo.
This week was a little stressful because we had been working so hard on two young women that are almost ready to be baptized. They have a date and everything set to be baptized on the 28th. So we invited them to attend church with us again so that they could actually be considered progressing investigators but when the meetings started on Sunday morning... no one was to be found. Neither of them were there. It was heartbreaking. The grandma of Michelle even came, but Michelle wasn't. Answer me how that even happens... they live in the same house.... ugh frustrating, but its whatevs. We are still planning on her baptism on the 28th. Galilea didn't come either, but then again we hadn't been able to get a hold of them this entire week. It was our fault that we didn't try hard enough. Either way though, we still plan to baptize both of them unless neither of them show up again this week. We shall see. They both are great, pero tienen flojera... (they're lazy... =(
I received news this last week that Elder Castillo will return back for the Bishops daughter... crazy right? Apparently they had something while we were here... Don't really know whats gunna happen there, but its kinda weird that we will see him again as Hermano Castillo. haha. Ill let you know. He is supposed to come on Wednesday. 
We love Ravens . . . she does.
We met with a random guy from the street a while back and he has turned out to be a great investigator. His name is Adrian and he is about 60 or so. He had a huge operation on his spinal cord about a year ago and is just recovering from it but he is up and moving now so that's good. We have only taught him once but he told us that, "my plans are to put myself in your church. I hate the Catholics... " haha I couldn't help but laugh. Its so true. EVERYONE and their dogs are catholic here. We will have to see what happens with him =) 
I don't have rain boots but it has dried up a lot this last week. Hasnt rained asmuch so I dont haveto worry about it right now. I am perfectly fine with shoes =) Don't worry.
Welp... Thats the excitement for this week. If this is true, please tell me the kinds of things that you wanna hear. I honestly don't know what to send some days because some weeks aren that exciting. But I will try to send more if you want. Its just that President nailed the time down to 1 hour so it makes things THAT much more difficult to geteverything in. But let me know. Love you guys, I just need to know what you want me to send. 
I hope everything is well and that Zoey and Rider have recouped from the swimming and drowning experience.... that's sad that Zo Bo cant swim.... Triste... Pero esta bien todos modos le amo. =) Happy fathers day dad. I love you and hope that you had a great day even though I wasn't there. =) I know I bring the life to the party yeah? haha nah...  estoy bromeando. =) Te amo papa!
Love you guys! Stay busy =) and always remember to keep spreading the Gospel! EVERY MEMBER A MISSIONARY! No tengan miedo a compartirlo! Haga lo con fuerza y autoridad! Les Quiero mucho!
Kia Kaha,

Elder Smith preparing for a talk apparently in the font.

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