"But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint." Isaiah 40:31

Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014 - Aeropuerto

The Gang (Elders Smith, Proctor, Ricks, Castillo)
Alright Everybody, Its that time of the week again. 
To start off the week, we had a long zone conference with President and his family. He came on Tuesday morning and stayed until about 4... It was super long. Very spiritual, but long. He had us invite a member or an investigator so that he could record us teaching them a lesson that we could choose. I was super happy to say that Hermana Maria Jose came and we were able to teach her the first half of lesson 1. She is such a strong member... She told us about a week ago that she even wanted to leave on a mission. That's pretty insane only being a member for a week. She texts us regularly to ask how we are doing and things like that. Haha... shes un miembro de oro.... (golden member) President finished the tapings of all of us and sent us on our way with a bunch of new study tables and some letters and stuff. (I still haven't gotten anything from you guys...but I will be expecting some stuff.) We got stuck carrying four huge study tables back to our house, and Elder Ricks and I were the ones that were selected to carry them back along with two chairs, (made of metal), all the way back to the house. About a mile away. So there we are walking along the freeway with these huge tables and chairs stopping about every minute to wipe sweat and rest a bit. About five minutes in, I said a little prayer, simply asking if someone could come and help us out. We were tired, hurting and it was almost 105 degrees outside... We felt like we were going to die. About five seconds later a Stake High-Council member pulls up on the side of the road and yells, get in! I cannot believe how fast that prayer was answered. It was insane how quickly it all happened. But it was a huge testimony builder of the power of prayer. It was super cool. He took us back to the house and everything went well from there.

Hermana Sofia and Enrique came to church for the first time yesterday and they both seemed to really like it. They're progressing really quickly and we hope to have them baptized this transfer. (Yes we are all staying in Aeropuerto this transfer, at least until Elder Castillo leaves for his house in a week. Another Elder named Elder Roberts is coming to be in a trio with Elder Castillo and Elder Ricks until Castillo leaves next Monday.) Hermana Maria Jose is golden and we love teaching her or just stopping by to say hola. Hermana Johana didn't come to church and are beginning to question if she just wants two american boys teaching her every night or if she really wants the gospel. We plan to figure that out this week. Hopefully she changes because she seems to have a bunch of potential with her situation and ability to adjust to the problems in this life. They're the main focuses right now. =)

I am happy to hear that ya'll are staying busy and working hard. Interesting things happening huh? The courthouse thing, Keats new "lobster", Sadie's cool experience with the teacher, and then mom and dad.... =) Both getting older huh? Yeah I feel like I've lost about 5 years off my life also.. don't worry I'm right with you on that feeling. =)
Love you guys. Have a  great week and remember, KIA KAHA!

The picture is of Maria Jose (left) Me in middle and Hermana Diana, (daughter of the bishop who was the one crying with Maria Jose at her baptism.) 

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