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Saturday, January 3, 2015

December 29, 2014 Cunduncan Christmas

Hey guys,
I realized its been a little while since I've actually written to you so I figured that with the holidays in the air it'd be the perfect time to scratch out a little message for the blog =) 
Things have been well here in Cunduacan. Really we are planning on having a lot o baptisms this coming month in January. I think its up to about 4 now with the new investigator, Fani, we found. Shes pretty in depth with them Catholics, but her boyfriend is actually an RM from my old ward Deportiva. Hes helped us out a lot with his girlfriend. Its really a touching thing to see these two talk to each other from different perspectives and knowing that the two of them are truly in love even though their beliefs are different. I'm super happy to be able to be a part of this and to be able to make this family not just an earthly family, but a FOREVER family... =)
On top of that, Oscar and his family are getting there slowly. I'm super excited to finally see this guy get baptized. Hes super cool and super fun to talk to. I am just waiting for the day to see this family dressed in white.
Really that's all tge gist on this week. Nothing huge. Just the new people that we have contacted using He is the Gift. It turned out to be a big help in some ways and in others it was kind of a bust. My companion and I found ourselves simply talking to whoever crossed out paths but I couldn't seem to get my foot in the door with these people when we would put the return appointment. Obviously, it was easier with some but difficult with others, but I still felt that it gave us a lot of practice with the problem that a lot of missionaries have nowadays, contacting. I was happy to be able to progress a lot in this regard and I am only hoping that things will pay off in the end with the work that we put into this He is the Gift activity. I find myself contacting a lot easier and with a lot more realism now. Its pretty nice in comparison to how I did it before, stiff and awkward... haha 
Anyway everyone, I hope you all have had a great year and know that I am wishing you all a very happy NEW YEAR in 2015. Crazy how fast 2014 flew... this one will fly even faster. Kia Kaha Guys!
Elder Proctor
P.S. don't forget your new years compromises =)
Christmas Eve was spent with this family.

At the church party with the district.

Investigator Oscar gave E.Proctor a shirt from his store for Christmas.

E.Proctor misses the puppies and takes a minute to sketch.

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