"But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint." Isaiah 40:31

Monday, December 30, 2013

December 23, 2013 - Carmen

Hey everybody!
Well let me be the first to wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! I know I wont be able to talk to some of you through the Skype calls so I apologize, but I hope all of you have a great Christmas this year!
The transfers went well and we have probably the nicest house in the entire mission. It has clima (AC) and it is the perfect size for two missionaries. The bathroom looks well kept and its about as nice as any regular bathroom in the US. I am pretty excited about the living arrangements here. We also have a newbie, Elder Larsen (from American Fork) and his companion Elder Sepulveda who is from northern Mexico but speaks really good english. They live right next to us in another nice house that is on the second story of a members house. Its a really nice place to live. We also have a pet! A pitbull named Chester. He is a flippin monster of a dog! I thought Rider was ripped.... wow. This dog is like the Rock, I swear. Hes really cool though, and a nice company to have when you had a rough day. Apart from that, the weather and what not isnt a whole lot different from that of Villa. Its still above 90 each day but the good news is its less humid and there is always a little bit of a breeze so its not that bad anymore. I really like it a lot more than in Villa. 

As far as the investigators go, we are white washing the area (when two elders go into the area not knowing where anything is.) So we are trying to figure where all of the members live and where the last missionaries had left off with everything. Its a little tough because the area is pretty small. (bigger than deportiva though... whoo!) We have a member in the ward that is from Kaysville, Utah named Colby. He served his mission here and came back to marry a lady that he had taught.  He speaks really good spanish and english. The good news is that he owns a hotel downtown and we eat there twice each week! Its a nice hotel, for mexico. I really like the area here though. We havent had much success yet with the investigators because we are still so new to everything and we are trying to get the members to help us out with finding where everything is. We have a couple that have some potential though! 

To answer Moms questions:
1. I am enjoying the cooler weather of this place. We spent this morning playing soccer on the beach without shoes on.... it was super hot, but a lot of fun because I've never done that before.
2. The package you sent didn't get to the offices before I left. I havent recieved anything yet. I was watching for it though. It should come by the end of the month if we have a Zone Conference.
3. I haven't received an exact time frame of when I will call, but it should be around mid-afternoon, like somewhere in between 11 and 2. We think we are going to call from the church here so it should be a good connection. Hermano Colby, (the american) is going to hook us up good. =)
4. I really love the helado here.... that's the ice cream... I haven't found another treat here that I like yet. We had a weird type of caramel apple yesterday though and it was alright. =)

Well, that's about it that has been special this week. We are trying so hard to get baptisms here its insane doing everything that we possibly can to get one. Its harder than it may seem. Con la idioma... esta bien. Yo prefiero ingles mucho mas porque yo puedo decir todas las cosas que yo quiero pero con espaƱol, no puedo. Un poquito deficil pero toda esta bien. I hope that things are all going well for each of you during this busy time of the year. I love the Christmas Season! Even here its a pretty big deal. Its about the same, except here there isnt any snow. No hay nada aqui! I wish all of you a very merry christmas! Stay safe during this time of the year! Have fun! I miss you all so much! Kia Kaha!
-Elder Proctor

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